Gauge Blown Film Configurations with NDC Systems


IRWINDALE, CA | NDC announces the availability of a range of web gauging systems for the blown film industry with either stationary or scanning measurement capabilities and seamless configuration options. Systems reportedly are designed to produce a rapid ROI through consistent film quality, reduced raw material consumption, efficient startups, and faster product change times.

The 8110-BF system is primarily designed for commodity single-layer film products. It is said to offer a cost-effective, expandable platform with stationary film thickness measurement options on either the bubble or layflat and features company’s GBS sensor. Alternatively, system can be supplied with a fixed-point IR FG710S transmission sensor for measuring the thickness of critical coextrusion layers. Both of these measurement options provide continuous measurement and display of blown film thickness.

The 8000 scanning blown film system is designed for complex, higher value-added blown film products such as coextruded barriers films, industrial geomembranes, and protective laminating films. The system may be configured with either IR, x-ray, or beta transmission sensors on the layflat film following the collapser for fast measurement and control response.

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