Sunshine Plastics Wins Big with Sun Inks


PARSIPPANY, NJ | Sun Chemical reports its inks were used on packaging created by Sunshine Plastics, Montebello, CA, that won the “Best in Show” award for the second straight year during the recent INFO*FLEX, sponsored by the Flexographic Technical Assn.

Sunshine Plastics, a flexible packaging converter, has won the gold award in the wide web process category from the Flexographic Technical Association’s Excellence in Flexography Awards annual competition for the third year in a row.

James Chuang, owner of Sunshine Plastics, says his company has been a Sun Chemical customer for more than ten years. “We have a lot of trust in Sun Chemical that they will help us meet our needs. We’ve come to [them] for a specific type of ink color or varnish that didn’t exist previously, and they would help us get what we needed along with the appropriate type of finish, whether it was a gloss or matte look. Sun Chemical helps us come up with inks with stronger colors and densities, whether for a lamination or surface print job. I’ve asked if there is a way to make the ink a little finer so that we can get a stronger color, and Sun Chemical has delivered time and time again. I really appreciate their capabilities and versatility.”

Chuang also says Sun Chemical has offered his company a lot of flexibility with technical support.” “They come here and help us achieve the previously unachievable. The relationship works because when we need something, we immediately get the technical support we need.”

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