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Masterpiece Graphix Offers Synthetic Papers


FENTON, MO | Masterpiece Graphix (MGX), a digital material manufacturer and treatment center, has released Masterpiece Xquisite, a new line of synthetic papers stocks to the digital print industry. The new family of products is said to provide an exceptional print base for all markets and is being rolled out with four new varieties: Xquisite, XquisiteTitanium, XquisiteOnyx, and XquisitePlatinum. While the entire line was designed to address the full print market, each member of the family was developed to tackle specific industry challenges:

• Xquisite, the flagship product in the lineup, is a general purpose, multi-use synthetic paper said to fulfill the card and tag market as a rigid, brilliant bright white, economical material for the classic card application.

• XquisiteTitanium is suited for applications in which additional durability and heat resistance is required.

• XquisiteOnyx is described as well suited for light-blocking applications such as playing cards and heavy coverage two-sided applications.

• Designed with a softer hand, XquisitePlatinum is recommended for applications in which flexibility and heat resistance are key.

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