Color Measurement Tools Come to USA

READING, MA | Techkon GmbH has established Techkon USA. This North American operation will market Techkon's SpectroPlate, SpectroDens, and Scanning Spectro-densitometer products.

Techkon products share a hand-friendly design that can be maneuvered over the color target and activated with a click of a button in one fluid motion. All products feature Techkon's proprietary spectral sensors, optical system, and image processing algorithms which provide a mercurial measurement speed of one second and an aggressive accuracy standard.

Techkon's SpectroDens provides automatic measurement of densitites, dot gains, and spot colors to ensure consistent print-to-print color. Features include:

  • Automatic CMYK functionality, requiring just one measurement to yield all four CMYK values and obtain densities for each color.
  • G7 functionality support, enabling a unique display of both L*, a*, b*, and CMYK values, with recommendation of ink zone adjustments of the press.
Techkon's SpectroPlate offers dot analysis and measurement of traditional or process-less printing plates. Features include:
  • Two spectrally-balanced light sources to illuminate subjects with a 120X optically magnified image.
  • High resolution, real-time image display.
Scan measurement systems features include:
  • Patented scanning technology with a breakthrough ergonomic design that slides across ink zone control strips taking automatic color and density measurements.
  • Dual functionality for automatic scanning and individual color measurements.

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