Tekni-Films Intros Ultra-High Barrier Film for Blister and Packaging Applications


SOMERVILLE, NJ, USA—Tekni-Films says its new high-barrier themoformable film laminate, using 4 mil (100 micron) PCTFE in either Aclar or Vaposhield types, is the "world’s highest-barrier commercially available clear film for blister and packaging applications." The 4-mil film may be laminated to any standard thermoformable film, such as PVC, PP, Barex, or PETG to produce the highest-barrier clear blister film commercially available anywhere, adds the material supplier.

States the company:

This specialty film lamination has applications where ultra-high barrier qualities and clarity are needed in a blister or packaging application. Sample data sheets for PVC-based 4 mil high barrier films may be reviewed at tekni-films.com in the High Barrier/Low MVTR section of the data sheet page.

For more information on the capabilities of Tekni-Films, visit tekni-films.com.

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