NOW Plastics Packaging Solutions Put Environmental Protection First

NOW Plastics announced it is now offering a range of films and packaging solutions that take into account environmental concerns, reflecting its stated commitment to protecting the environment and addressing strong market trends.

Through a vast network of global suppliers, NOW Plastics is able to tap into the most recent technological advancements and newly developed products in the plastics industry, enabling the company to offer a range of eco-friendly alternatives.  Moreover, the company says that it will continue to update its product mix as environmentally-protective processes and products evolve.

NOW Plastics’ current eco-friendly product portfolio comprises packaging solutions in the following categories:

  • Post-Consumer Recycled content (PCR) films (PET, BOPA, PE, etc.);
  • Film structures for making packaging recyclable;
  • Bio-based/sustainable sources for raw materials/resins;
  • Biodegradable plastics; and
  • Compostable substrates and packaging options.

“The efficient and responsible use of plastics and packaging has become a critical consideration for companies throughout the packaging value chain. NOW Plastics’ has adopted a strategic focus on eco-friendly and sustainable packaging solutions that do not compromise the shelf life of packaged food, since food waste is also an important social and economic concern.

“We will continue to develop a wide range of plastic substrates and packaging solutions that take into account environmental, social and economic factors. We are committed to protecting the environment and at the same time to restoring the good name of plastics, which are not mutually exclusive,” said Larry Silverstein, company CEO.

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