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Ultra Flex Packaging Corp. sees customers’ acceptance soar with AVT’s Apollo system on its slitter-rewinders.

A dramatic change has become apparent to customers of Ultra Flex Packaging Corp., Brooklyn, NY, a leading producer of high-quality flexible packaging: The quality and consistency of their flexible packaging jobs are noticeably higher. And as a consequence, customer job acceptance has soared.

What has made the difference? The installation of Advanced Vision Technology’s PrintVision/Apollo system, which was installed on the company’s three Titan 64-in. slitter-rewinders.

“You feel more secure, and your level of confidence in the quality of the product goes much higher when all the material is inspected on the slitter-rewinder with the PrintVision/Apollo. No defects get past us,” says Zalmar Zohar, printing manager at Ultra Flex.

The PrintVision/Apollo systems have had an important impact on overall productivity at Ultra Flex as well. Zohar explains, “Before we installed the Apollo systems, our slitter-rewinder operators had to slow down to be sure of catching any problems. Now they can run the equipment at full speed because with 100-percent inspection they can depend on the Apollo equipment to catch any problem.”

According to the mfr., when not every defect requires correction, PrintVision/Apollo can mark and/or issue reports on the defective material that facilitate its tracing and removal when necessary. The quality level of PrintVision/Apollo can be pre-set for the level of defect attention required.

Zohar explains when the PrintVision/Apollo detects a problem during the slitting-rewinding process, it actually zeroes in on the roll containing the problem. “If we’re running five across, we don’t have to stop and cut all five,” he says. “We just take the problem roll, put it aside, and we know exactly in which part of the roll the problem occurred.”

PrintVision/Apollo detects the full range of random and process defects such as color variation, mis-registration, streaks, splashes, hazing, and misprints. In addition to random defects, the system can help catch process problems before they become costly defects that result in rejects, waste, and dissatisfied customers, says the co.

Since Ultra Flex’s flexible packaging production utilizes laminates, it’s important the converter's automatic inspection capability include the detection of defects in film material as well. “Apollo not only detects printing problems, it also detects laminate wrinkles and even laminate discoloration that might happen with two materials,” Zohar points out.

Most of the flexible packaging jobs that Ultra Flex handles are extremely high-quality short runs, so Zohar emphasizes it’s important for all the inspection systems used by the company are easy and fast to set up. “All of the AVT inspection units we have on our rewinder-slitters, as well as on our presses, are so simple and easy to program that they’re efficient to use even for runs as short as 3,000 feet. It’s extremely reliable equipment and is practically maintenance free,” he adds.

In addition to the Apollo installations on its rewinder-slitters, Ultra Flex’s two Fischer & Krecke Flexpress 16 S/10 gearless central impression flexo presses are equipped with AVT’s PrintVision pRegister pre-setting and control systems. “Altogether with our inspection during press runs and 100-percent inspection on our rewinders, Ultra Flex has a closed-loop of quality assurance that delivers outstanding results on each and every flexible packaging job for the customer,” Zohar proudly states.

Converter Information
Ultra Flex Packaging Corp.

975 Essex St.
Brooklyn, NY 11208

Supplier Information
Advanced Vision Technology (AVT)
, Atlanta, GA; 770/541-9780;

Valmet Converting (Titan), Charlotte, NC; 704/587-2450;

Fischer & Krecke, Fairfield, NJ; 973/882-9460;

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