Flex Films Says BOPET Is Soft & Strong

ELIZABETHTOWN, KY | Flex Films, the global film manufacturing arm of Uflex, announces a biaxially oriented polyethylene terephthalate (BOPET) film with a velvety and luxurious surface. Designated FLEXPET F-STF, the film is said to exhibit exceptional scratch, heat, and scuff resistance, and the surface is self-healing from most scuffing and optimally durable. 

Says Dr. Steven J. Sargeant, GM, technology, at Flex Films (USA), says, “If we scratch the surface of this film, it won’t be scratched. Soft touch is rendered through a robust surface coating, in combination with a proprietary in-line anchor coating on the base polyester film. It is this combination which imparts unique properties of self-healing, toughness, and durability along with the soft texture. This effectively increases converters’ yield as they generate less scrap and have less customer rejections or other associated issues.”

Adds Vijay Yadav, business head, Flex Films (USA), “The film has superior tactile properties. In addition to a soft surface that is heat and water resistant, the film exhibits improved scuff resistance along with ultra-low gloss [5-8 Gloss Units] and robustness superior to commodity matte surface films. All polymeric films tend to stick to themselves. This adhesion is termed as ‘blocking.' In the case of our soft-touch film this isn’t an issue to worry about at all. Through the combination of base film and off-line coating design, we have been able to avoid blocking, improve durability of the soft touch at high processing speeds. This in turn leads to higher production throughput. The film as you would see is thinner than previous low-quality solutions currently available in the market. This clearly decreases material costs of the end-use packaging at brands’ end.”

Speaking about the value proposition of the new product, Anantshree Chaturvedi, vice chairman and CEO, Flex Films International, says, “This film is FDA compliant for a range of uses. It finds extensive use in luxury brand packaging, decorative packaging, labeling, graphic advertising banners, and high-end stationery products, among others. F-STF film exhibits low gloss, excellent matte homogeneity with high haze [>90%] and high contact [see- through] clarity. This means that the film can be readily reverse printed by convertors to impart deep and rich graphics. The surface maintains its soft and luxurious feel yet is strong and durable enough to withstand the ensuing rigors of handling throughout the value chain. Tactile feel products have an anticipated CGAR of 12–15% and are thought to be the highest growth segment in flexible packaging spaces in the United States. This is an encouraging opportunity that Flex Films is pursuing.”

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