Icma Packaging Solutions Are Customized

MANDELLO DEL LARIO (LC), ITALY | Icma says with Tailor-Made, it has enabled the creation of two customized and coordinated packaging options that meet the requirement for minimum quantities characterizing luxury brands.

The first Tailor-Made option involves the production of a customized finish for the requesting company, starting from a minimum quantity of one tonne of paper (equal to approximately 15,000 sheets). User can choose a texture from company’s historical cylinder archive (about 200 different designs) and combine it with a finish (e.g., two-tone, fluorescent, glittered, smooth, glossy, metallic, matte, pearlescent, soft-touch, velvet, with oxidation effects, perspective depth, perfumed, and more) and with a Pantone color of choice. The option also includes papers derived from post-consumer waste.

This combination reportedly generates a unique and distinctive product, designed to optimize the corporate identity in all its applications (boxes, shopping bags, gift wrap, brochures, invitations, etc.). The paper can be manufactured in a range of weights from 50–400 g, and the customer has the advantage of a “tailor-made” product it can stock in an easy-to-manage quantity commensurate with its actual needs.

The second option concerns even smaller quantities of approximately 2,000 sheets required to distinguish a capsule collection or limited edition in detail. In this case, user can combine an embossing pattern with a color and standard finish from among company’s samples. The result fulfills the need for a finalized image for a specific project, based, in any case, on more than 30,000 different combinations.

Icma says it can also craft a completely new texture, thus making an embossing cylinder that belongs to the customer.

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