W&H Module Allows Quick Material Changes

LINCOLN, RI | Windmöller & Hölscher (W&H) offers the TURBOCLEAN automation module, which purges resin from all extruders and gravimetric hoppers simultaneously, reportedly decreasing the time required to change out material. 

Javeed Buch, VP of service at W&H in North America, says, "By using TURBOCLEAN on a blown film line, changeovers can take as little as 12 minutes instead of up to 40 minutes.”

The TURBOCLEAN originally was available only on new VAREX II systems. Now, existing W&H VAREX II and VAREX I lines built in or after 2010 can be retrofitted with the TURBOCLEAN module, allowing film manufacturers to benefit from significant cost savings that result from faster job changes. "Retrofitting machines can be completed with a straightforward ‘plug & play’ solution, which takes between one and two days per extruder," says Buch.

With TURBOCLEAN, material changes are said to be almost completely automated. The operator does not have to manually purge resin one extruder at a time. Instead, the work steps are automated and run simultaneously, requiring the operator only to change the suction lance from one resin port to the next.

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