Freedonia Reports on Foodservice Products

CLEVELAND, OH | The Freedonia Group has issued a new study entitled Foodservice Single-Use Products in the US. Among the findings: Foodservice cup demand will grow 3.3% annually through 2021 to $5.4 billion, accounting for just under half of single-use serviceware demand. Beverage cups hold the largest share of this demand by far—more than 90% of the total—with the remainder being portion cups. Beverage cups will post slightly faster growth through 2021.

Supporting growth will be the general rise in foodservice revenues along with foodservice trends such as the following

  • specialty hot and cold beverages, especially iced and cold brew coffee, along with fruit-based drinks such as juices and smoothies
  • increased foodservice sales at retail establishments offering various beverage options
  • increased hot and cold drinks consumed on-the-go
  • delivery options requiring durable portion cups for sauces.

Demand for single-use disposable foodservice products, including packaging and serviceware, is forecast to increase 3.2% annually to $21.8 billion in 2021, says the study. Growth will be driven by the increased options and convenience of meals prepared or consumed away from home. Demand will also be supported by a shift toward the use of higher value products featuring durable plastic or compostable materials.

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