JUNDIAÍ, SAO PAULO, BRAZIL | COEXPAN-EMSUR BRASIL is officially producing combined rigid and flexible packaging solutions intended mainly for the food industry. With this milestone, Grupo Lantero takes one step further for its Strategic Plan “Horizon 2020” to become a solid global player in the plastic packaging food market in Europe and America. 

COEXPAN, the plastic Division of Grupo Lantero, has been operating in Brazil since 1997 specializing in the manufacture of rigid plastic sheets and thermoformed products. Now, EMSUR, the sister Division dedicated to producing flexible containers, has come to Brazil to operate together with COEXPAN, employing a total of 67 people in a shared production plant located in Jundiaí (Sao Paulo).

The new facility, which has nearly 7,000 sq m built so far and will double the capacity for future needs, is equipped with high quality technology to produce both rigid and flexible packaging solutions, including PS and PP extruded barrier sheets for f/f/s, rotogravure printing for labels and lids with hot melt application in line, and sleeves capabilities.

Daniel Richena, general manager of COEXPAN-EMSUR BRASIL, says, “Brazil is the first manufacturing site of Grupo Lantero that produces rigid plastic sheets and flexible products under the same roof, which will bring us all advantages and synergies to best attend our customers and support our global footprint.”

The company says the main asset for this production center is the opportunity to maximize commercial synergies between both business units with their experience and know-how in rigid and flexible packaging. The manufacturing processes have been specifically optimized under the LEAN methodology to guarantee maximum efficiency.

COEXPAN and EMSUR sell to more than 65 countries around the world. Specifically, COEXPAN serves the American market through its plants in Mexico, Brazil, and Chile, while EMSUR serves the American packaging sector through its factories in Chicago, New York, and Mexico, as well as having capabilities in Argentina.

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