Icma Adds to Paper Line

MANDELLA DEL LARIO, LECCO, ITALY | Icma offers 65 new sartorial papers belonging to its three collections Coppers, Woods, and Opaques.

The Coppers collection refers to the namesake material that reveals what company says is its shimmering beauty when produced on papers in a variety of shades, textures, and finishes, including the oxidation effect and verdigris glaze. The eight available color variants want to portray the different ages of copper and its reactions with the weather. The series includes smooth papers with mirror-like surfaces, minute textures barely perceivable to the touch, honeycomb patterns in considerable relief, and more incisive patterns, on which the light creates an effect of depth. Coppers lends itself to all luxury packaging applications, and the surface of the papers is said to be suited to all printing techniques: digital, offset, hot stamping, and screen. Coppers consists of 24 papers in the box covering substance.

The three new collections will replace the Gélée, Eli Nappa, and Tao series, which will be available up to stock exhaustion.

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