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Ampacet Announces AntiSkid Technology

TARRYTOWN, NY | Ampacet Corporation announces AntiSkid technology, said to feature new additive technology for flexible packaging applications that require a non-slip surface, whether for optimum functionality or for visual and tactile appeal.

Available in a variety of particle sizes, the technology contains proprietary organic anti-skid ingredients, can be used in 2-mil or greater multilayer films, and is suitable for blown and cast film and sheet extrusion processes under normal conditions.

“We developed AntiSkid in response to consumer requests for an additive with superior anti-slip properties,” says Doug Brownfield, Ampacet strategic business and marketing manager. “It’s extremely useful in applications in which surface texture provides added functionality.”

In addition to its anti-slip advantages, AntiSkid is said to perform well during the extrusion process and can easily be combined with other functional and special effects additives to achieve a wide range of desired visual effects. “It offers unique textural and tactile appeal and translucency in flexible packaging, and a variety of dramatic looks are achievable—from antique plate glass to moisture droplets,” Brownfield says.

Suggested applications include adhesive labels, anti-slip tapes, double-sided tapes, heavy-duty sacks, tire wrap embossed film alternative, and more. Product is FDA approved and can be extruded into the film structure for applications such as stand-up food pouches that can be reverse printed for enhanced visual and tactile appeal for added shelf impact. It also eliminates the need to overprint a nonslip treatment.

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