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MonoSol Rx & MonoSol Report License Agreement

MERRILLVILLE, IN | MonoSol Rx LLC, a specialty pharmaceutical company, whose PharmFilm drug delivery technology is said to improve patient outcomes and address unmet needs, and MonoSol LLC, the water-soluble film division of Kuraray Company, announce an agreement through which MonoSol LLC will receive a perpetual license to MonoSol Rx’s intellectual property (IP) for use in defined areas outside of pharmaceuticals in exchange for undisclosed financial terms. This license agreement gives MonoSol LLC access to MonoSol Rx’s patent estate for detergent, agrochemical, oil and gas, and water treatment applications.

MonoSol LLC and MonoSol Rx became separate entities in January 2004.

Keith J. Kendall, CEO of MonoSol Rx, says, “As a leader in film-based drug delivery, MonoSol Rx has built a robust portfolio of intellectual property. We have long been aware of the potential for our proprietary film technology to add substantive value to applications in a wide range of industries. This is an important validation of the strength of our fundamental IP, and we are pleased to license our technology to MonoSol LLC for use outside of the pharmaceutical industry.”

Adds P. Scott Bening, MonoSol LLC CEO and Kuraray executive officer, “We are pleased to have executed this agreement with MonoSol Rx, which provides opportunities for both companies to focus on key markets while fortifying our respective intellectual property estates.”

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