Elif Big Winner in WorldStar Competition

ISTANBUL, TURKEY | Elif, a global supplier of flexible packaging solutions, received the “Excellence in Packaging” award with four products in different categories at the WorldStar 2016 competition, whose panel met in Mumbai, India, this year and evaluated 293 products from 35 countries. The competition is organized by World Packaging Organization.

The company won in the “Health and Beauty” category with the eco-packaging solution ElifFine, said to offer a high level of durability, strength, and tear-resistance by combining the moisture and gas tightness of plastic films with the natural texture of paper. Also said to enhance recycling opportunities with its light structure of mineral fill and lamination-free sealing features.

In the “Household” category, the winning product was ElifCare, which company says prevents waste of food due to its high product protection performance and ensures environmentally friendly disposal with a biodegradable structure.

In the “Food” category, the company’s winner was ElifHolo, said to help build first-class brand perception through both visual effects reinforcing the graphical design of the packaging and 3D live imagery stimulating the senses of consumers with both its and visual effects. Also reportedly provides means of brand verification against counterfeiting with holographic printing.

The ElifHolo 3D printing technology also gave the company its fourth award in the “Other” category. Company reports the technology allows recycling and does not require a metallic substructure in contrast to the traditional high-cost holographic and 3D printing methods

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