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API Foils Releases Cold-Stamped Line

LAWRENCE, KS | API Foils has launched the TA Series of products—a new line of over-printable, cold-stamped metallic foils for narrow web presses. Company says this development expands its line of lower-cost alternatives to hot-stamped foils.

“As the industry progressively adopts cold foil technology as a means of adding esthetic appeal at a moderate price, we have dedicated ourselves to offering the breadth of products the market needs,” says Chuck Hardy, VP of sales NA. “This is why we have developed the TA Over-Printable Series—to give customers even more choices to deliver exceptional brand enhancement.”

The TA Series is comprised of over-printable foils designed to deliver production performance and versatility across a variety of machines and substrates while delivering the best combination of fine detail and broad area coverage. The product line is compatible with a wide range of UV inks and adhesives used in the flexo web-fed cold foiling process, reportedly resulting in good high-speed transfer.

These cold foil products are said to offer many of the visual benefits of hot-stamped foils, but they can be applied without heat using many printing presses, can be used on shrink films and flexible packaging materials, and can be printed over applied cold foils. Offering the ability to add bright finish on text and graphics, the series is described as a good option for use in labeling of Wine & Spirits, Health & Beauty, personal care items, household and laundry products, and fast-moving consumer goods.

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