Kolcor Is Awarded Patent for Screen Changers

AGAWAM, MA | Kolcor Technologies, a supplier of screen changers for the plastics industry, has been awarded a US Patent for the sealing device it uses on its line of hydraulic and manual screen changers. 

Company has used the sealing device since it began selling screen changers in 2012. Reportedly, the unique seal design ensures no material leakage up to 10,000 psi and temperatures to 650 deg F.

“This seal is supplied standard on all of our hydraulic and manual screen changers,” says Kolcor president Chris Kowal. “Unlike other designs, which need to get up to operating temperature for the seal to work, our seal features springs that provide lock-up force for immediate seal protection.” Kowal says that once the screen changer is running at operating temperature, the polymer pressure only increases the seal force, creating true leak-free processing. 

“We’re excited to have this patent issued, as our seal design is really one of our biggest advantages,” says sales manager Randy Joubert. “Polymer leakage is a common problem in screen changers, and it creates maintenance issues that lead to downtime and lost productivity. Since we began offering screen changers in 2012, we have seen virtually no issues due to leakage.”

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