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Constantia Flexibles Wins Award from Foil Association

BLYTHEWOOD, SC | Constantia Flexibles, a global corporation that develops, manufactures and supplies flexible packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical, healthcare, home, and personal care, food and beverage markets, received an award for one of its newest packaging solutions at the Alufoil Trophy Awards of the European Aluminium Foil Association

In the Technical Innovation category, the company received an award for its CONSTANTIA Perform sterilizable lidding foil. Originally designed to house a safety needle system, Perform can be laser marked and uses an abrasion-resistant overlacquer. Company says the lidding foil allows an easy and clean opening, can be sterilized with gamma radiation, provides optically perfect print layout including exact machine positioning, and offers high mechanical consistency against abrasion.

In the Product Preservation category, which recognizes the use of foil-based packaging to provide comprehensive product protection, GSK won recognition for its improvement over traditional packaging in safeguarding pharmaceutical devices against moisture ingress during global distribution with an Ellipta tray and lid, for which Constantia Flexibles is the sole supplier. The container’s conveniently peelable lidding foil also reportedly makes it easy to open.

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