Constantia Flexibles Introduces Coldform Foil

BLYTHEWOOD, SC | Constantia Flexibles has introduced a blister solution said to offer the highest-possible protection against moisture cross-diffusion (egress and ingress). Substituting traditional PVC with a special polyethylene desiccant layer, the company’s Constantia DryFoil is a customized packaging concept for unit-dose applications whose maximum moisture protection can significantly extend product shelf life.

Among the new solution’s most noteworthy features is its versatility: Constantia DryFoil is a PVC-free film compatible with a broad range of PE-based lidding materials that run on standard coldform blister lines. Line integration is made even more turnkey through Constantia’s technical support team, who are available to help guide customers in using the solution in the most efficient, economically beneficial fashion.

“A wide swath of pharmaceutical products are increasingly moisture sensitive, which is the reason why absolute moisture protection becomes so significant for the industry,” said Frederick J. Lutz, regional sales manager North America, Pharma Div., for Constantia Flexibles. “Constantia DryFoil offers a highly reliable alternative for moisture management in coldform packaging.”


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