Mondi, Presto Collaborate on FlexZiBox

APPLETON, WI | Presto Products Co. continues to support Mondi’s expansion of its FlexZiBox portfolio of flat-bottom bags in Europe. The version featuring the Slide-Rite closure delivers greater convenience and the assurance of a secure seal. The brightly colored, customized Slide-Rite closure is easy to push from one side of the bag to the other for opening as well as resealing. An interior white tamper-evident membrane, designed to enhance product safety is then opened so contents can be easily emptied, leaving minimal mess. In addition to convenience, the flexible, flat-bottom bags provide stability on the shelf and when stored in the home and offer extra branding real estate for boosting the visual appeal of a variety of applications including food, pet food, lawn and garden products, and household cleaners.

“The addition of the Slide-Rite closure further enhances the shelf presentation of the flat-bottom bag and offers the convenience and reliability consumers expect from packaging while keeping product freshness and safety intact,” says Alfons Kruse, plant manager at Mondi Steinfeld. “The project is a powerful example of the innovative solutions that we’ve been able to bring to market with Presto’s innovation, expertise and technical support.”

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