Derprosa Films Have Properties to Keep Food Fresh and Safe


MADRID, SPAIN | Derprosa, specialists in the manufacture and marketing of a wide range of films for packaging and lamination in the food sector, reports these films provide a high level of safety, hygiene, and conservation to the food or household products. Films are available in two categories: standard and specialty.

Standard films include transparent films with cavitated pearl and matte film with white finish, films generally used in the bags and wrappers for snacks and appetizers, bread, toast, and pastries, and other food and household products. These films are said to provide an excellent barrier to water vapor and are resistant to oils, fats, acids, and bases used in printing, protecting the food from external agents.

Specialty films include Anti-Bacterial film, said to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria that come in contact with the film. This film is suitable for packing fruits, vegetables, and frozen foods.

Other specialty films include Anti-Fog Clear and Anti-Fog Anti-Bacterial, with a special anti-fog treatment on one side that prevents condensation and fogging. With this film, company says food can be stored within the container in the refrigerator for 15 days without fog forming on the inside. Reportedly, both Anti-Fog films are printable and can be transformed immediately without having to wait for their properties to settle.

Special films for the food sector also include a transparent low seal film, cavitated white metallic and low seal, mainly used with chocolates and ice cream. There is a sealable and printable face on the outer face, which is used for small bags for infusions and teas. In this category of film there is also transparent film with PE skin used for pastries, snacks, and appetizers.

Company also offers a biodegradable transparent film that degrades over a period between 18 and 36 months under certain conditions of temperature, light, and humidity. This film is used especially in environmentally friendly applications.

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