Toray Plastics (America) Announces New Metallized BOPP


NORTH KINGSTOWN, RI | Toray Plastics (America) has introduced Torayfan PC5 metallized BOPP film, a versatile ultra-high oxygen- and moisture- barrier film that can be used in tri-laminations, as a foil replacement, and as an overwrap lamination or wrapper. 

The film is said to be a durable, cost-effective replacement for foil in a typical paper/PE/foil/PE packaging structure. In addition, company adds, it is well suited for use as the inner barrier web of a tri-lamination in gas-flushed stand-up or flat pouches. It can also be used as a cold-seal layer and as part of a lamination for high quality confectionery wrappers, and bakery overwraps.

Ultra-high-barrier layer is resistant to crazing on one side. The other side is corona treated for excellent bond strength in cold-seal adhesive applications and in extrusion and adhesive three-ply laminations. It is available in 60-ga (15-um) and is designed to run on HFFS and VFFS packaging equipment.

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Corona Treating For Coating & Laminating Film

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