Eagle Systems Moves into New Facility


OCEAN, NJ | Eagle Systems, a developer and manufacturer of foil enhancement equipment, has completed the acquisition of an 18,000-sq-ft, two-story building in Ocean, NJ. The new facility is four times larger than the company’s previous operation, says president Mike King. “The new location will allow us to further expand our engineering staff and enhance our manufacturing capabilities by as much as 500%. The growth of our business necessitates that we now own our facility, enabling us to alter the building to fit our very specialized production needs. 

“Our new digs will also house an expanded demo and test lab for new customers with unique substrate requirements,” King adds. “We will be able to stock equipment, supplies, and replacement parts for even more responsive support of our growing customer base. It will also house what we are calling our ‘PLAN (B) site,’ which is imperative to users with just one cold-foil press configuration. Thus on those rare down times, we’ll be able to get their systems up and running faster with increased precision.”

Eagle’s new facility will also house an expanded R&D lab. With the goal to set increasingly new standards for the cold foil process, the company hopes to develop and release new automated solutions earlier, says King, “We now have the room to spread our wings and build a highly efficient cold foiler with superior features and the capability to run nearly continuously, from roll to roll, without stressing the operators or the foil. We’re very excited about the impact our new facility promises, especially concerning the substantial room it affords us for accelerated product development.”

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