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Leaders in Converting Industry — Precision, Narrow Width Slitting & Rewinding Services

Ours has always been a service- based, niche industry. With 77 years of experience, Metlon Corporation has built its business across every industry, and by working within every department – from research and development and engineering to sales, production, and shipping. Our leadership position is based on capabilities and service.

Capabilities means Metlon is able to hold precision tolerances down to + 0.001” (or 0.025mm) and specializes in narrow width slitting, as narrow as 0.008” (or 0.2mm). For our customers that means meeting specifications in R&D projects and long production runs – some projects are short-lived, others continue for years.

Our service to customers is equal in importance to our track record of slitting performance. Custom slitting, by definition, demands attention to the customers’ needs, specs, and at times, even their own unspoken production issues. Once the job is in-house, our highly experienced team focuses on every detail from in-take to quality assurance throughout the run to the final packaging, shipping, warehousing or drop shipping, etc.

The supply chain had slowed the flow of manufacturers’ incoming projects, especially following COVID.  While we saw our deliveries increase to 6-7 weeks due to COVID, we are back to our standard of 4 weeks. Responding to customers’ crises when they arise, Metlon helps with a faster turn- around whenever possible.

Current trends in this industry, as well as others, address new technology and the lightning-paced advancement of generative artificial intelligence (AI). While AI may contribute to the customers’ manufacturing processes, Metlon’s completely in-house operation “is entirely hands-on every step of the way,” notes Wayne Etchells, president.

“It has always been about helping customers to solve issues and to make their products work better,” according to Etchells.  Partnering with customers more deeply is another measure of its leadership, beyond their routine practice of meeting or exceeding customers’ specifications.