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Leaders in Sustainability

What happens when the biggest players of Technology accept the sustainability challenge?

The technological partnership for innovation that revolutionizes the Total Recyclable PE world is born.

At K 2019 ELBA presented its “Total Recyclable PE Pouches” at more than 200 strokes per minute, through the long plastic value chain that starts from the raw material and gets to the finished product.

International collaboration

According to ELBA, sustainability is a multiple step journey, a relay in which the athletes share the same objectives and methods. The choice of the main partners of the industrial process represents the first step of a strategy with the aim of using the best resources and technologies in the world.

Starting from the production of recyclable polymers of DOW, to their extrusion with the advanced green technology of HOSOKAWA-ALPINE and BRÜCKNER, passing through the innovative techniques of vacuum metallization, coating, printing and lamination on special materials produced by BOBST, you get to the important contribution of ELBA that designs and manufactures machines for the treatment of “total recyclable PE pouches”.

This is the challenge that ELBA has decided to face, together with its international partners, by proposing on the market a product that takes packing technology to the highest level, not only thanks to its sustainability.

New Total Recycled PE Pouches

Nowadays, thanks to ELBA’s SA-V machine technology, it is possible to produce totally recyclable PE stand-up pouches, with materials that allow laminating and printing up to 9 colors. This way, ELBA gives its contribution to offer a high performing product that is, moreover, sustainable.

SA-V: a polyvalent machine

SA-V is a versatile machine, that is perfectly suitable to satisfy the needs of a constantly changing market, partly thanks to the possibility of updating the existing structure with new options.

The SA-V can run with all laminated or coextruded materials with PP or PE sealing base, both printed and unprinted, granting high performances and high sealing strength; it is available in four sealing widths (650 mm - 25’, 950 mm - 37’, 1250 mm - 49’ and 1550 mm - 61’).

ELBA pays a lot of attention to the aspect of energy saving: it engineered the SA-V machine with dedicated components that allow the customers to recover the kinetic energy.


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