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Spartanics Updates Technical Guide on Laser Die-Cutting Technology

ROLLING MEADOWS, IL | Spartanics updates its previously published  “Laser Cutting Technical Guide” drafted in 2008, Parts I and II, with a new 2011 version offering improvements in state-of-the-art laser die-cutting and other benchmark data detailing its particular suitability for variable marking applications.

 A preface to the 2011 edition sites:
The “short” list of applications where laser die cutting is often best-match finishing technology now includes: finishing printed products from digital, screen, offset and ALL printing presses; label converting; packaging lines; plastics decoration; insurance cards, ID cards, and other plastic cards; flexible solar panels; membrane switches, flexible circuits and other electronics products; aerospace components; metal parts and products; RFID labels, cards and tags; P-O-P displays and promotional magnets; textiles; automotive components; medical devices, among others. The list of materials that are successfully and most economically cut or marked by laser die-cutters continues to grow—from abrasives, to nearly all plastic materials, many metals, and even wood...

With a continuous stream of laser die-cutting benchmarks, the 2011 white paper reveals there are now hybrid sheet-fed and roll-fed laser die-cutting machines permitting interchangeability in addition to the capability of achieving web speed benchmarks of 100+ mpm without sacrificing cutting quality.

To access the full paper, click here and select the downloadable pdf,

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