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Prestige Graphics Adds Kluge Foil Stamper

ST. CROIX FALLS, WI | Prestige Graphics, Wichita, KS, has recently added a Kluge 14x22 EHF Foil Stamping, Embossing and Die-cutting Press to its custom finishing business. The EHF was purchased as an upgrade to older equipment because of all the advantages the EHF's key features provide.

The EHF comes with operator friendly, time saving and money saving features including an electronic foil control system, adjustable impression, variable frequency drive, and a grid etched toggle base and die heating plate. The result is faster make-readies, more efficient use of foil, and better foil coverage of large areas.

Since 1978, Prestige Graphics has been providing the very best in custom print finishing. Offering complete in house finishing services from postage stamp sizes to 98 x 67 point of purchase projects, Prestige provides services from foil stamping and embossing, laminating and mounting, to die-cutting, folding and gluing, assembly, kit packing and fulfillment services.

"We use our Kluges every day and we know we can rely on them," said Dave Weatherson II, VP of Prestige Graphics. "We've seen an increased speed in job production with the EHF and this has resulted in higher throughput. We're able to put down broader foil stamping areas, the speeds have increased, the adjustable impression cuts down make-ready time and we save foil with the step and repeat foil control feature."

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