Lasx Offers Noncontact Laser Ablation Services


WHITE BEAR LAKE, MN | The Precision Converting Services group, a div. of LasX Industries, now offers accurate laser ablation services utilizing LaserSharp digital converting technology. This dry, noncontact process removes conductive coatings and metal foils, reportedly without causing damage to the carrier substrate, while eliminating the masks and hazardous byproducts said to be associated with chemical etching.

The Precision Converting Services team is able to produce high-performance components with tolerances down to ±.002" (±50 μm), depending on material and design. Laser ablation can be completed on either side of roll-fed and sheet-fed materials and is suitable for stacked, layered, and laminated structures. Laser ablation can also be combined with other laser processes for a complete manufacturing solution.

Applications include conductive circuit creation, RFID antennas, flexible circuits, EMI shielding, flexible heating elements, and conductive touch screen components.

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