Keene Technology Inc. Offers Die-Cutting Solutions


SOUTH BELOIT, IL | Keene Technology Inc. (KTI) offers the DRR 10 and DRR 13 re-register die-cutting solutions for smaller digital label printing presses, said to allow printed webs to be finished quickly and economically. Company says the machines offers the perfect flexibility to produce roll-to-roll or roll-to-sheet labels  (with the optional sheeting station) and are cost-effective and simple to operate.

Since the units use the latest in servo drive technology, the material can be converted into finished rolls or sheets at speeds to 500 fpm and features what is called one of the shortest web paths available for waste elimination. Systems allow the converter to utilize existing tooling and magnetic cylinders presently used on their presses.

The re-register rotary die-cutter is available with either one or two rotary die stations, sheeting station, lamination, rotary slitting (crush, shear ,or both), and independent tension control for the unwind and rewind.

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