HAECO System Removes Corrugated Trim


LOVELAND, OH | HAECO reports the TRS-2 trim removal system effectively removes corrugated trim to ensure proper gluing, and it virtually eliminates production stops or post-production searches for “bad boxes” due to trim caught in the glue station. 

Designed for mid- to high-volume operations, system’s high-performance, long-life DC motor produces up to 18,000 hits/min with safe, flexible straps, adjusts to accommodate various sizes of corrugated sheet, and safely removes extra material with replaceable, wear-resistant straps. Company says a unique hub design allows strap adjustment and/or replacement easily and inexpensively with no tools required. The torque-limited DC motor optimizes worker safety and reportedly provides quieter operation than air power.

“Typically, the trim often gets hung up in the gluing station preventing proper application of the glue and resulting in a bad box,” says HAECO president Jerry Henline. “Early users with between 100 and 200 bad boxes a day reduced it to zero with the TRS-2, and the ROI was less than six months.”

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