CSW Is LUX Certified as Flexo Platemaker


LUDLOW, MA | CSW reports it is the first US trade shop certified by MacDermid as a LUX platemaking technology provider. CSW has been using LUX since 2009 and has made it an integral part of its Gen2 flex and HD-Gen2 digital plate systems.

CSW says Gen2 digital plates incorporate top color management, meticulous file separation, and LUX platemaking technology to provide corrugated converters with the following benefits:

• Increased image resolution and finer detail

• Crisper reverses and more open mid-tones and shadows

• Smoother gradations—down to almost 0%

• Maximized press speeds and plate longevity

• Reduced fluting.

Narrow web and wide web flexo printers are said to enjoy similar benefits with HD-Gen2 plates but can also take advantage of improved ink transfers and solid ink densities, with reduced pinholing.

According to Vic Corenflos, printing manager at Bemis, “We knew that CSW would do their best to image engineer this job, but the results have surpassed our expectations. This is one of the best flexo pieces we have seen yet on our shrinkable film.”

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