BYK-Gardner USA Offers Portable Spectrophotometer


COLUMBIA, MD | BYK-Gardner USA, manufacturer and distributor of quality control instruments for color, appearance, and physical properties testing, now offers the portable BYK-mac i spectrophotometer, an instrument to objectively detect and quantify fluorescent light excited in the visible range. 

The instrument is equipped with additional out-of-plane sensors that measure the fluorescent light in clearly defined wavelength ranges. To quantify the fluorescent light, it calculates a new index known as the “Intensity Emission value,” which can be used as a preliminary indicator for light fastness.

Due to what is said to be the highly stable LED illumination, fluorescent color measurements can now be repeatable with one BYK-mac (no warm-up time, no temperature drift) and reproducible from BYK-mac to BYK-mac (no lamp aging). This allows usage of digital standards among the complete supply chain, what the company calls the key to global color QC management.

The new spectrophotometer, as well as its predecessor, the BYK-mac, objectively measures total color impression of effect coatings:

• Flake characterization: by measuring with a camera the visual impression of sparkling and graininess, simulating effect changes under direct and diffuse lighting conditions

• Multi-angle color measurement: “before and behind the specular reflection” to give more information about color travel of special effect finishes

• The shape of the BYK-mac i is designed to ensure easy handling and true portability. In order to guarantee stable readings on flat and curved samples, the BYK-mac i is equipped with trigger pins on the bottom plate of the instrument. Company says quality control of effect finishes is made efficient with menu-guided operation according to customer specific sampling procedures, designated buttons for standard and sample readings, and a large, easy-to-read color display.

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