MOCON and Inspection Systems Establish Lab in Australia


MINNEAPOLIS, MN | MOCON and Inspection Systems, Melbourne, Australia, have partnered to establish a certified lab for permeation, seal strength, and leak detection testing for food and pharmaceutical packaging structures. 

Inspection Systems, a supplier of inspection and testing instruments and services, with locations in Australia and New Zealand, has created a separate entity, IS Laboratories, Melbourne, to support the partnership. Its mission is to provide food and pharmaceutical companies with fast and affordable testing services using MOCON’s instrumentation. IS Laboratories is the first MOCON-certified test facility in Australia and the eighth MOCON-certified lab in the world (others are in US, Germany, China, India, Canada, UK, and Switzerland).

Brad Grubb, director of Inspection Systems, says, “Up until now, companies in this part of the world who did not have access to MOCON instrumentation in their own facilities would either have to send their products to other countries for testing or attempt to find a small laboratory which typically has limited capability. We are pleased to announce the establishment of this new laboratory with its wide range of testing options.”

Laboratory capabilities include oxygen, water vapor, and carbon dioxide permeation testing; burst and pressure strength testing; and pressure decay.

“MOCON certification assures that companies using any one of these facilities will get the same level of service and quality they would find at any other MOCON-certified location anywhere in the world,” says Alan Shema, product manager for consulting and testing services, MOCON. “This is ideal for multinational companies which can now be assured that their materials or packages are tested using identical standards and protocols on four different continents.”

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