Rockwell Automation AC Drive Has Flexible Features


MILWAUKEE, WI | Rockwell Automation announces the Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 523 compact AC drive, with flexible features said to help users be more competitive. 

“When we designed the PowerFlex 520-Series drives, we traveled to hundreds of drive users around the world to learn firsthand which features they value most today and would want five years from now,” says Jimmy Koh, global marketing manager, Rockwell Automation. “Stand-alone machine builders wanted ‘just enough’ motor control and emphatically shared the need for features that ease configuration and speed installation. This is where their profitability was most affected, and we designed the PowerFlex 523 drive to meet those needs.”

Company says Connected Components Workbench software also helps speed up drive configuration and further reduces development time with online and offline configuration, AppView and CustomView groups, and startup wizards.

The drive addresses a wide range of application needs and has a power range of 0.25 hp (0.2 kW) to 15 hp (11 kW) and motor-control options, including volts per hertz, sensorless vector control, and Economizer mode in sensorless vector control. Requires 50 mm (2 in.) of clearance on the top and bottom when installing into a cabinet and can be installed vertically or horizontally, as well as side by side in either orientation. This smaller clearance and mounting flexibility can help customers reduce the panel space.

Drive will be showcased at Rockwell’s 2013 Automation Fair in Houston, TX, November 13–14.

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