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ODVA White Paper Offers Tools to Optimize Machinery Integration

ANN ARBOR, MI | ODVA, a global association of automation companies, announces a new white paper, Optimization of Machine Integration (OMI), which outlines a strategic vision for an open and interoperable communication framework in the industrial sector. For machine builders, OMI provides opportunities for creating additional value through simplified communication between machines and from machines to supervisory systems.

“By transforming data into information, OMI will provide tools for dynamic decision-making, thus maximizing machine productivity, improving machine performance, and enhancing the preventive maintenance of machinery assets,” says ODVA executive director Katherine Voss. “As a result, OMI will create more value for their machines, extend machinery life cycles, and will emerge as a natural sweet spot to help end users meet their overall business objectives, including workforce, profitability, and sustainability goals.”

The paper, a collaborative effort by ODVA, Sercos Intl., and the OPC Foundation, describes the opportunity to optimize machinery integration for the manufacturing sector and provides an overview of an open, unified integration model for machinery communication, including machinery in the industrial ecosystem; a shared vision of machinery in the production domain; industrial use cases for OMI; and OMI in practice.

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