TandD Corp. Counting Data Logger is Wireless


SANTA FE, NM | TandD Corp. offers the RTR-505P Wireless Pulse Counting Data Logger. New model can record pulses from devices such as flow meters, anemometers, or the opening and closing of switches from a variety of sensors. 

By using any of the company’s RTR-500 Series Base Units, the recorded data in this model can be collected via wireless communication and can also be used for remote data monitoring and collection, warning monitoring, and data management through networks. This allows construction of a data logging system to match the needs and environment of the user.

The logging capacity of the RTR-505P is 16,000 data readings and Maximum Count 61,439 / Recording Interval. The Input Signal can be a Non-voltage Contact Input or a Voltage Input from 0 to 27 V. The Detection Voltage can be Lo: 0.5 V or less or Hi: 2.5V or more. The Input Impedance is approximately 100 KΩ pull up.

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