Proton Products Launches Verification Service

LAGUNA BEACH, CA | Proton Products has introduced a Speed & Length Verification Table for customers needing independent verification and certification of its InteliSENS speed and length sensors. This is to meet either local or national inspection standards for weights and measurement delivery of their products.

The table uses a motor-driven, precision-machined calibration wheel rotating at a regulated speed with a run length at least 10,000 m to verify the accuracy of the customer’s sensor. The laser beams from the test gauge create a Doppler frequency pattern on the tangential surface of a calibration wheel that is used to measure its speed and cumulative run length. The gauge readings are compared against calibration reference values to verify the sensor’s absolute accuracy.

This unit is said to conform to UKAS certified equipment standards and test procedures and can verify the calibration of company’s InteliSENS sensors to within 0.02%. Customers are requested to send their units overnight to the company for verification and adjustment (if necessary). The sensor will be returned the following day with a certificate associated with its unique serial number as proof of accuracy.

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