Roll-2-Roll Technologies Is Rebranding

STILLWATER, OK | Roll-2-Roll Technologies, supplier of web positioning sensor technology for the converting industry and general automation, launched a rebranding campaign with the presentation of a new logo and website February 1st.

Company says the new logo design summarizes its vision of simple-to-use solutions for the converting Industry. It includes multiple variations of the logo for use in different branding opportunities. The website continues with the vision by providing what is said to be a user-friendly, uncluttered arrangement including not only product information but also valuable support material in videos, manuals, and technical documentation.

The rebranding includes the statement “One Sensor. Period.” The statement highlights what the company says are the only sensors that can handle any materials without the need for calibration. One sensor can be used for a variety of materials, porous, transparent, opaque, without any adjustments of controls. Additionally, the sensor has the capability of multiple applications for web guiding such as edge detection, center guiding, line guiding, and contrast sensing. Other simple inspection applications include width measurement and monitoring, thread counting, measurement, and monitoring.

“The rebranding of our company is focused on the ease and simplicity with which our sensors and web guides can be installed and operated,” says Aravind Seshadri, president of Roll-2-Roll Technologies. “Our customers have seen the advantage of the sensor’s attributes and are enjoying the benefits of its ease of use. Our list of customers has grown because of the products and our ability to respond quickly to our customers needs. We invite everyone to visit our new website so they can see our products and other features that we hope will provide great benefits to the industry.”

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