Rockwell Reports New Security Appliance

MILWAUKEE, WI | Rockwell Automation offers the Allen-Bradley Stratix 5950 security appliance incorporates new security technologies to help protect plant-floor systems. Company says this is superior to most IT firewalls today, which cannot protect against threats to network traffic, limiting their ability to minimize security risks on the plant floor. 

The device uses Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) firewall and FirePOWER technology to create a security boundary between cell/area zones or to help protect a single machine, line, or skid. This supports compliance with IEC 62443. The device also uses deep-packet-inspection (DPI) technology. Developed in collaboration with Cisco, the DPI technology enables inspection of the Common Industrial Protocol (CIP) and other industrial protocols.

“Combining ASA firewall, FirePOWER, and DPI technology gives IT professionals the granular visibility and control they need to protect industrial networks,” says Divya Venkataraman, global product manager, Rockwell Automation. “With the Stratix 5950 appliance, users can now configure and enforce policies that help prevent potentially malicious firmware updates and program downloads. This helps enhance the integrity of plant-floor operations.”

An optional subscription license is available with the Stratix 5950 security appliance. Similar to a PC-based, anti-virus service, subscribers will receive ongoing threat and application-signature updates to help protect against the latest known security threats.

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