Unilux LED Strobes Now Standard on Rotoflex Equipment

SADDLE BROOK, NJ | Rotoflex has partnered with Unilux to give label printers and converters the ability to inspect more details at full production speeds on high-volume slitter/rewinders and die-cutting equipment. New Rotoflex VSI and VLI slitter/rewinders and DSI and DLI die-cutters are now equipped with Unilux LED 2000 Series inspection lights as standard. 

Unilux strobe lights use the stroboscopic effect to visually freeze detailed images, such as labels on a web, reportedly allowing operators to clearly view printing, slitting, and die-cutting quality at full production speed. The LED-250 unit replaces the xenon-based Unilux Guardian strobe on Rotoflex equipment and is said to offer several improvements in inspection capability.

“Not only do the new Unilux LED strobes offer a more even distribution of light and low glare on reflective material, they also support Rotoflex’s commitment to converter productivity,” says Manohar Dhugga, Rotoflex director of engineering and service. “The Unilux LED strobes are equipped on all new Rotoflex installations and are available as an upgrade on existing installs, allowing users to inspect any flaws in real-time at full production speeds, enhancing overall product quality.”

Unilux says LED-based stroboscopes provide the same illumination as the xenon-based technology but lower the cost of ownership by using only 35% of the power and eliminating lamp replacement and downtime caused by lamp burnout. Company adds that white LEDs also eliminate color distortion and provide more even light distribution than xenon technology, and within a plant, LEDs run at cooler temperatures and emit no ozone gas.

For labels with clear coats and hidden security measures, Unilux says its UV LEDs provide inspection capability without the need for external filters that reduce the amount of illumination available to excite phosphors and inspect images.

“The continuation of our Rotoflex-Unilux relationship through new generations of technology clearly demonstrates how we can both add value to our customers,” says Unilux president Mike Simonis. “We have taken pride over the years in listening to our customers and using their feedback to develop solutions that improve their ability to serve their customers better. We share that way of life with the Mark Andy organization and look forward to developing more solutions with them.”

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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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