Rhopoint Offers Friction Tester

ST. LEONARDS ON SEA, UK | Rhopoint Instruments offers the Compact Friction Tester (CFT) from Hanatek Instruments. The CFT is described as an ultra-modern instrument designed for the demanding QC environment with a width of only 200 cm and a weight of only 5 kg. 

Company says the CFT is easy to use for testing the friction characteristics of plastic film, paper, carton board, laminates, foils, and many other packaging materials. The instrument provides both static and dynamic COF values and a force curve showing the full surface profile.

For maximum repeatability independent of operator the instrument offers the following:

1. Sled placement system: This is said to ensure that the test starting position is always the same and eliminates static friction errors due to manual positioning.

2. Controlled dwell time: The contact time the two substrates are in contact for before the test begins is user-definable (to 15 sec). This reportedly ensures that the effect of blocking due to uncontrolled dwell time is removed.

3. Fixed link between the load cell and the sled: ASTM D1894 recommends that the link between the sled and the load cell should be rigid, thus removing errors associated with the friction in the traditional pulley wheel and cord method. The CFT complies fully with this recommendation.

?4. Simplicity of testing: Easy-to-use touch screen interface allows the CFT to be operated as a standalone instrument without the need for PC interface. It is loaded with test methods for ASTM D1894, ISO 8295, and TAPPI T816, so the user need only select the test method and define the test distance. The instrument generates real-time force curves, showing in detail the friction profile of the tested material, and also displays the result for static and dynamic COF at the end of the test.

5. Enhanced traceability: Date/time stamped measured readings can be printed to the optional results printer for full documentation of measured values and test parameters along with instrument calibration date.

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