Flex Essentials Offers Control Unit for Leak Detector


CALEDON EAST, ON, CANADA | Flex Essentials announces the FlexPak control package, the FPFA, which adds a fully automatic control function to the testing procedure of the FlexPak Leak Detector. 

It allows operators to set two vacuum level setpoints for the bubble test and program, each with a countdown timer for the length of time to do the test, and it also enables altitude simulation testing complete with input variables of ascent rate, final altitude, time at altitude, and decent rate.

The FPFA includes recipe storage of all testing parameters and input of “lot number” or other identification for each test concluding each test to be confirmed as Pass or Fail by operator. In addition, data for each test can be uploaded as a .CSV file for further analysis and future reference.

The only connections from the control box to the FlexPak Leak Detector vacuum test unit is an air line, making the FPFA retrofittable to all FlexPaks or similar competitors’ vacuum style, bubble test, leak detectors.

Recommended for the manufacture of packaging for meat, fish, and seafood, cheese and dairy, confectionery, snacks, pet food, cereals and baked goods, coffee, medical and pharma, and any non-food packaging items where package integrity is critical.

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