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Aventics Positioning System Features New Technology


LEXINGTON, KY | Aventics announces the EPPS, (Electro-Pneumatic Positioning System) a new technology featuring direct acting proportional pressure regulators and said to offer advantages over the previous methods of pneumatics positioning. This principle of operation can be applied equally well in both piston rod and rodless pneumatic cylinders in a considerable range of bore sizes and strokes, company says. 

The EPPS with proportional control uses constant pressure equalized on both sides of the actuator piston, said to eliminate dithering and allowing a smoother application. Positioning accuracy is typically +/–1 mm.

Many standard cylinders (including rodless) can be used because it uses an externally mounted sensor—eliminating the need for gundrilling. Reportedly, the EPPS typically offers cost advantages over traditional pneumatics positioning and electro-mechanical positioning systems. A 100% duty cycle means no worries about cycle rate and overheating.

System uses a special position controller requiring no programming and 12-bit resolution. Analog command and feedback is 0-10Vdc or 4-20mA. The controller is said to offer easy set-up and is field adjustable. A single part number for the controller covers all configurations.

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