Bosch Rexroth Module Aids Line Feeding


CHARLOTTE, NC | | Bosch Rexroth Corporation offers the Omega Module linear motion system adds even more capability to the EasyHandling modular system. 

Company says module features a very low traveling mass so top speeds can be reached. The belt drive is fixed to both ends of the main body and is looped around the drive shaft of the table part in the shape of the Greek letter "Ω", reducing the module's mass considerably compared to ball screw assemblies, thereby making it highly dynamic. By guiding the module's table part over ball rail systems, the module achieves a high degree of rigidity for precise movements.

The linear motion system reportedly allows for higher dynamics over longer distances in feed units, due to the combination of its low traveling mass and fast belt drive. Because the drive is stationary, the linear system can be set up in any position in addition to being used as a vertical axis. A pneumatic clamping element maintains the position at standstill and also clamps hanging loads.

As a single axis system, the module comes with the necessary mechanical and electrical interfaces to fit with company’s modular EasyHandling system. The system’s standard Easy-2-Combine form-fit connection method, can speed assembly and reduce up-front engineering time, even in multi-axis systems. In addition, it is said to simplify the direct attachment of pneumatic grippers and rotary modules, or other end-of-arm tooling.


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