AVENTICS Valve Systems Have Efficiency Features


LEXINGTON, KY | AVENTICS offers a new generation of compact and lightweight Advanced Valve AV valve systems, said to allow engineers more freedom to arrange pneumatics decentrally, thus increasing efficiency. Valves are modular and are close to the actuator, making them energy efficient, company says.

Company says it has halved the weight of the new valves by using resistant high-performance polymers and reducing the number of parts. In addition, the required space has also been cut by 45%. Reportedly, these features allow users to profit from a flow improvement of 40%, substantially lowering the supply pressure and boosting energy efficiency.

The new valve manifold system also fulfills engineers' demands for customized automation solutions.

The plug-in design is said to make valve interchange extremely easy. Users can connect the valve systems electrically using multipole or fieldbus connections, with integrated I/O modules, depending on their configuration. Online configurator allows a user to completely customize a valve manifold system and get a part number and CAD drawing immediately.

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