Siemens Extends Sinamics G120 Line


ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL | Siemens announces a new line of PM240-2 power modules, extending the use of the Sinamics G120 drives family. 

Company says a significant change is the addition of 230V single- and three-phase line supply units featuring quick-connect pull-off terminals on the motor, line supply and braking resistor connections, allowing the new PM240-2 to offer an even more simplified installation and maintenance. In addition, these new power modules can be mounted side-by-side without derating.

All versions of the new modules are rated IP20. However, an optional push-through version is available, allowing the heat sink to extend out the backside of the cabinet. The seal for the push-through heat-sink will maintain and enclosure rating of IP55 (NEMA 12). As a result, the new PM240-2 power modules reportedly will reduce the overall required cabinet size and cabinet cooling requirements.

Among the new features of the power modules is the variable-speed cooling fan, controllable to run based upon actual conditions vs simple on/off operation, reducing both the noise generated and the power required when in use.

Modules are suitable for use with general-purpose and servo-drive styles. Options include braking resistors, input reactors, and output reactors.


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