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Siemens Announces New Power Modules


ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL | Siemens is offering a new line of PM240-2 power modules, part of the Sinamics G120 drives family.

Company says a significant change is the addition of 230V 3-phase line supply units. Featuring a smaller footprint and higher power density than the current PM240 generation, these new power modules can also be mounted side-by-side without derating.

A push-through version is also available with the heat sink extending out the rear of the cabinet. As a result, the new PM240-2 power modules reportedly will reduce the overall required cabinet size and, when used with the optional external mounting bracket, achieve an IP55 (NEMA 12) seal. Standard IP20 open-type versions are also available.

Quick-connect connectors on the motor and cable sides are said to simplify the commissioning and maintenance in the field, and removable terminals for line supply, motor, and braking resistors also mean faster replacement whenever service is required.

Overall frame size is reduced, company says, despite the significantly higher power density ranges. Variable-speed fan, controllable to run based upon actual conditions vs simple on/off operation, reduces both the noise generated and the power required when in use.

The PM240-2 power modules are suitable for use with general-purpose and servo-drive styles. Options on these PM240-2 power modules include braking resistors, input reactors, output reactors, and sine-wave filters.

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