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Siemens Adds Drive to Sinamics Family


ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL | Siemens expands on its Sinamics S120 multi-axis drive system with the Sinamics S120M, a compact, ready-to-connect motor with integrated drive that offers users the option of moving the motor inverter outside the control cabinet and directly onto the motor, reportedly reducing both cabinet space and required cooling.

The addition of the Sinamics S120M distributed format into the S120 offering is said to adds a high degree of flexibility for new and existing machines, as well as introducing innovative production line setups. Applications include printing presses, coaters, laminators, slitters, and packaging.

Company says single-cable solution reduces the number and length of cables and is easily expanded for additional axes. Also, as a fully integrated format of the Sinamics S120 drive system, all existing Safety Integrated functions and communication options are available, and the benefits of power sharing between axes across the DC bus are completely realized.


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