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Bodine Electric Expands Line of Gearmotors


NORTHFIELD, IL | Bodine Electric Co. has expanded its FX line of parallel shaft gearmotors to include AC models. 

The all-new 42R6-FX combines company’s new, three-wire reversible 42R frame AC induction motor with a completely redesigned and updated FX gearhead. The new gearmotor is said to provide up to 40% more torque than previous E/F models.

Reportedly, new synthetic lubricant allows the FX gearhead to operate at a wider temperature range while at the same time improving overall gearhead performance. Stronger, hardened helical steel gears and new needle bearings provide more torque and 25% longer product life. Company says the 42R-FX achieves these gains in power, performance, and flexibility without any change in the gearhead dimensions or mounting configurations.

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